Employee Assistance & Management Coaching Program

Creating Change in the Workplace

When problems arise in the workplace, there are some topics and challenges that owners and the Human Resource department cannot fix or do not want to touch with a ten foot pole.  These acknowledgements and limitations are best suited for the Employee Assistance & Management Coaching Program (EA/MC Program).  These are the perfect situations when employee assistance program (aka counselling) help is available for staff to have confidential conversations that are comfortable and solution focused.  These are also the perfect situations when management coaching is timely and serves to solve problems efficiently and effectively.  When problems for employees and managers do not last for long periods, grow larger than they really are and have a negative impact on focus and concentration, then the EA/MC Program is a great return on investment.

Sometimes people go through tough times, experience lengthy struggles or get into a funk. Answers may not be clear and they may not have access or the funds to access therapy outside of the workplace.  When you provide employee assistance counselling services, employees will:

  • Have access to a professional therapist to talk through problems and find solutions quickly
  • Learn to focus on solutions rather than problems
  • Get help with stress, problems at work and challenges with others
  • Learn to communicate better, be assertive and manage tasks
  • Reduce their sick days and improve their productivity

Sometimes managers are promoted into supervisor or leadership roles because of product/service knowledge but they are not given “people skills”.  Companies don’t always have the funds for extensive training nor can allow for lengthy absences from work. When you provide management coaching services, management will:

  • Have access to an outside expert to discuss situations and receive timely tools and strategies
  • Identify problems and create immediate solutions
  • Improve communication skills and efficiency rates
  • Not become the “bad boss” who employees will leave
  • Learn skills and strategies to be good leaders and supervisors

In both instances, privacy and confidentiality are assured for all parties. The supports are provided online – via conference call or video conference (face to face via secure program). Moreover, the timing could not be better since coaching and counselling will take place within 48 hours of the request.

Counselling for employees and coaching for management are available at different times throughout the day or evening and each session is 50 minutes.  Contact is initiated by the person with the problem or challenge and the request is made directly to the therapist/coach (no need for supervisor or HR approval).  Topics can cover any issue, problem or challenge that is getting in the way of the employee being successful or the manager being a good leader.

If you want to provide your employees and management team with access to support and services that will take the heat off the owners or department heads, then contact us to discuss a counselling and coaching program for your employees and managers.  I can be reached at pam@pampaquet.com or 604-349-8660.