Individual & Couple Therapy

Time for Change

The purpose of therapy is to provide psychological services to individuals and couples who are ready to stop doing what does not work. This is therapy in its most common and straightforward form.

With professional therapy, clients learn:

  • Approaches to discover obstacles that are getting in the way
  • Perspectives to accurately define the problem
  • Strategies to develop different outlooks and options
  • Methods to ensure decisions are good and comfortable
  • Systems to check after solutions are implemented

Therapy sessions occur face to face, via video conference, over online conversation or on the telephone.  Each session is 50 minutes and meets client’s needs through customization and personalization.  Clinical services focus on problem identification, goal definition and successful change. There is no predetermined number of sessions to suggest how long it should take to get problems identified and strategies implemented. In person sessions take place at my office in Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley.

We believe clients should not be in therapy for years or life. Sessions should only last as long as it takes to learn the skills and abilities to manage challenges better. The focus is to measurably improve client functioning in a relaxed and calm setting. Individuals have the option to attend on their own or invite others.

Life does not always go as planned and sometimes the hurdles are harder to figure out or get over. If you are experiencing tension, sleep disturbance or invasive thoughts, then it might be time to listen to these signs. If you are tired of feeling frustration, overwhelm or hopeless then now is the time to start creating change. Contact me at 604-349-8660 or to inquire about availability and book your first counselling session.