Contact Me

If you have read about me and my services and want to take the first step in creating change together, contact me. It is important that I answer your questions and address any concerns you may have to ensure that my therapeutic services are a good fit for you.

Once a fit is determined, then we can check scheduling. I believe it is a great investment to have critical conversations early so that therapy results are long lasting, impactful and positive.

You have a few options to contact me:

Cell: 604-349-8660


It is easy to set up a phone meeting or your first appointment, once fit is determined. It is great that you are taking the first step to create change!  You also will have the choice of working with me in person in Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley or I am happy to meet with you remotely through online methods as well.

Please call 604-349-8660 or fill out the inquiry form. I will contact you within 24 hours.