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Does it seem like you have a constant feeling of anxiety and your body is sending you stress signals such as tense muscles, impatience and sleepless nights?  Does it feel like you keep doing what doesn’t work . . . at home and at the office?

Pam works with clients who recognize that status quo is not working. They are feeling something is not right and are ready to create change. The last segment is the most important – a state of readiness is key even if clients aren’t sure what the problem is or how to go about fixing it.

If you are like most people, you are challenged to do more with less, faster and for more people.

If you are like most couples, you are trying to figure out when things went off track, reasons for this and whether to do the work or move on.

If you are like most executives, you are highly successful at work and appear so on the outside but have personal or relationship struggles that don’t have clear solutions.

Unfortunately, far too many people tolerate bad situations for too long. They live every day with stress that is overwhelming, constant and never goes away. Many people give it their best effort to juggle the cycle of busyness and stress with lack of sleep and energy for extended periods of time. Fortunately, when things get from bad to worse or people have struggled long enough, as a counsellor Pam is available to provide support, perspective and help with choices and decisions.

She works to develop new understanding, create viable options and select strategies that are comfortable, well thought out and likely to succeed.

She works to create better homes, families and workplaces that are healthy, enjoyable and easier to sustain.

She works with companies who invest in their employees, value their contributions and want to help them become the best they can be professionally and personally.

When clients finish their work with Pam, they report better sleep at night, less stress and more enjoyable day to day living. They rate the change in themselves as significant and the improvement in their situation and work as drastically better.

Pam has been a clinical therapist for over 23 years and has worked with various agencies, organization and clients. Her focus is to get people and workplaces to “stop doing what does not work” so the opportunity for change can replace stress, overwhelm and crisis. She has a solid record of success as a counselor that proves her approach is appreciated by many and effective in most situations.

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