Ideas and strategies to help you stop doing what doesn’t work.

Helping you create change with decisions that are educated, thought out and a good fit.

Every day the majority of people do what is easiest. Unfortunately, easiest does not always translate into healthy, happy, content or enjoyable. Inevitably, crisis will result and people discover continually taking short cuts or the easy road doesn’t work over the long term.

When this realization hits, people are ready and motivated to take on the tough work and begin designing change. They want to feel better, make daily living easier and achieve success both personally and professionally. Resources, ideas and strategies are key during this shift to help people move forward.

This section of the website is intended to provide resources for people to create change. It covers many topics and offers idea and strategies for ways to do things differently. If a topic is not covered, let me know and I will accommodate the request.

To get you started, or at least thinking about change, I want to offer you the Seven Signs You Are Stressed (PDF) article. This article is a great way to check your perspective on every day events and a safe way to assess your ability to cope. If you relate with some of the symptoms, then you have taken the first step to stop doing what doesn’t work and challenge your habits.

Want more information from me, perhaps have some questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to answer any questions.  Additionally if you would like to be part of my mailing list please let me know; I can contact you when there is a new program developed, a new article written or when I come across a new strategy that might be helpful. Anything I send out is with the intention of helping you stop doing what does not work.

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