Executive Therapy

Executive Reality Check

An executive or highly ranked position with lofty pay does not guarantee happiness in family, work and life. Behind this “executive prowess” is an everyday human being who is a spouse/partner, parent or sibling who is responsible to contribute to family life and personal situations as well as the demands at the company. The purpose of executive therapy is to make it possible for this high functioning, type A workaholic to receive psychological services to create change and deal with problems in a confidential way that respects tight time constraints and lack of availability.

With executive therapy, clients will:

  • Get a reality check when they take a breather
  • Receive perspective on current problems and issues
  • Prioritize needs and strategically plan solutions
  • Assess options, consequences and preferences
  • Create change that fits psychologically and professionally
  • Implement actions and measures for follow up

This therapy service adapts psychological sessions based on availability and situations for executive clients. Each client is expected to commit to a three month term of engagement to promote change and ensure success. Counselling sessions are available in person in my office in Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley, via video conference, over online conversation or the telephone.  It is optimum to meet bi-weekly and there is flexibility to allow for time constraints and travel.

The work strategy with these clients is solution focused and short term. There is no time to leisurely explore their problems and gingerly contemplate solutions. Sessions need to cut to the chase – focus on problem, options, solutions, decisions and steps to implement change.

Leaders and executives do not commonly carve out time to care for them self, their relationships or manage personal situations that are challenging. Over time pressure builds and eventually something blows up. The call for help might be self-motivated but it is usually insisted upon by others – spouses, partners, children, friends, etc. People who are part of executive’s lives and lifestyles stop their willingness to live the same way as the highly paid top guns.

Executive therapy can sometimes be more about what to do when things blow up, people get backed into a corner or receive an ultimatum. When it is necessary to make a decision and create change, regardless of where the motivation comes from, we are a great first resource. Contact me at 604-349-8660 or pam@pampaquet.com to inquire about availability and book your first session.