Services & Programs

Pam Paquet & Associates Therapy & Coaching provides psychological services to help people stop doing what does not work. Although this sounds simplistic in theory, we recognize it is not easy to create change (even when problems or issues are obvious). If it is time to focus on self, work or family, we offer a few options to help you find new solutions, substitute with new habits and make personal improvements.

We are able to offer our clients a variety of settings and methods to make receiving services easier.  Our ability to maximize technology helps optimize our clients busy lives and tight time constraints. We utilize video-conference, online conversations and telephone counselling as well as traditional face-to-face sessions in our office in Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley.  Regardless of the program selected to receive services, we always strive to achieve one goal – enhancing the capability of people to make good decisions. This approach customizes our services to fit different personalities and backgrounds, while the process is adapted to fit each situation and circumstance.

Individual & Couple Therapy

This is therapy in the most straight forward sense. Clients can access psychological services in one-on-one settings.  These types of sessions are offered in person, via video-conference, over secure online chat or on the telephone.  We customize each session to meet our client’s needs and works toward accomplishing the goals defined by the client. The focus is to measurably improve each clients functioning in a relaxed and calm setting. Whether individuals want to attend counselling sessions on their own or as a couple to explore relationship issues, there is an opportunity to start developing change. Read on for more details.

Executive Therapy

This therapy is for leaders and executives who don’t usually take time or make time to care for themselves. Therapy, which is completely confidential, occurs during the workday or in the evening – this scenario nicely aligns with workaholic tendencies. Sessions are offered in person, via video-conference, over secure online chat or on the telephone. The focus is to create change personally and/or professionally. When leaders increase their ability to produce results because of better focus and less distraction, then contributions to both the company and family can improve. Read on for more details.

Employee Assistance & Management Consulting Program

Supporting employees while improving management are the two most effective ways to improve workplaces.  This combination works well because it provides timely and accessible help for both staff members as well as the management team. The employee assistance portion focuses on providing employees with private, confidential counselling to receive support and help with problems; while the management coaching focuses on training supervisors and leaders to solve challenges and manage people better. The counselling topics covered with staff are identified by the employee and can be about a work or personal issue. Topics for management coaching are usually based on current challenges they are experiencing with employees, supervising or leadership. Read on for more details.